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Code of Conduct
Lloyd G. Blanchard Middle School
Code of Conduct and Responsibility
        As a member of the Blanchard Community I understand the Code of Conduct and Responsibility. This Code reflects the expectations of all people in our building and has been reviewed by administrators, teachers, students, and parents. I agree to observe the rules of our school. If I violate the Code, consequences will accompany my behaviors. Consequences will be determined by the frequency and severity of my inappropriate action. I must familiarize myself with the school handbook to fully understand the expectations / consequences of a Blanchard Middle School student. The consequences might include:
•Written or verbal apology
•Loss of privilege (Recess, Field Trip, etc.)
•Telephone call to parent / guardian
•Meeting between parents, teacher and principal
•Attending after school detention
•Serving In-school suspension
•Serving Out-of-school suspension
I understand that if I bring a dangerous object, weapon, drugs or alcohol to school, or hurt another person, this will result in my immediate suspension and possible expulsion. The school Principal and professional staff are responsible for determining the appropriate consequence. My parent(s) or guardian and I have read and understand Blanchard’s Code of Conduct and Responsibility. A signed copy of this will be kept on file within my school folder in the school office.

Student Signature Date

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Parent / Guardian Signature Date Parent / Guardian Signature Date


Lloyd G. Blanchard Middle School
Code of Conduct and Responsibility

The Purpose of our Code of Conduct is to provide a peaceable environment for preadolescents and early adolescents to develop academically, physically, socially, and emotionally. The theme R.O.C.K.S. (Respect, Opportunity, Communication, Kindness and Service) has been established to ensure that positive growth is expected in an atmosphere of order and mutual respect.

• For the diversity among the adults and students in our community
• For school property
• For the property of others

• To learn academic and social skills to be successful in future schooling and life
• To try my best in all school related activities

• To listen and to share with others in an open and honest manner using appropriate language

• To eliminate words or situations that tolerate name calling, teasing, negative comment and/or harassment, in other words, accepting responsibility for my behavior and its effect on others.

• To help others who would benefit from my assistance Through continuous dialogue, the administration, teachers, students, recognize that the Blanchard School Community is the sum of its parts, therefore, the success of creating a peaceable, productive environment depends on the commitment of all individuals at our Middle School.

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Westford Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity or homelessness.