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General Sites

Canadian Renewable Energy Network
From the government of Canada. A wide variety of resources and activities. Good diagrams. Also includes statistical information.

Electricity Generating Technologies
Provides basic information and links to other resources.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
This US Department of Energy site contains information on bioenergy, geothermal, hydrogen, hydropower, ocean, solar and wind.

Energy Kid's Page Basic information at an easy level.

Energy Quest
This Canadian government site has excellent basic information and is a good starting point for your research. Click on the computer to find information about your energy resource.

Energy Resources
Clearly presented information. Good pictures and diagrams. Includes pros and cons.

Energy Matters: Types of Energy Sources
A Think Quest site with information on all types of energy.

How Stuff Works
Enter your resource or an particular aspect of your topic in the search box.
Solar, Wind, Water, Biomass and more. Good links, activities, and basic information.

Renewable and Alternate Energy
(Renewable Energy Policy Project)


Biomass Energy Reference Sites
Biomass Energy Resources (Government of Australia) American Bioenergy Association

Biomass Story

National Biofuels Program

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells 2000

Ballard Power Systems

Fuel Cells Explained
Provides good diagrams and easy to understand explanations.

How Fuel Cells Work

US Department of Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research Institute

American Hydrogen Association

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Portal Choose "Geothermal Topics."

Geothermal Technologies

Geothermal Energy Technical Site

Geothermal Education

Geothermal Energy Schematics
Good diagrams.

Geothermal Resources Council

Hydro Electric (Water)

BC Hydro

Good diagrams.

Basic information. Includes pros and cons.

Hydroelectric Power Generation Good Diagrams.

Hydropower Information
(US Department of the Interior)

Walk Through a Hydroelectric Project Excellent diagrams.

Tidal Power

Blue Ocean
Be sure to check the information under "Tidal Power" and "Technology." There is a good diagram under "Technology."


How Tidal Power Plants Work

Power Matters: Hydroelectric Power

Nuclear Energy

Atomic Energy Canada
Builders of CANDU Reactors.

CANDU Nuclear Reactor Accidents
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.

This is an independent site with links to information on various aspects of the disaster.

FAQ About Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Agency
This site gives a European (France) perspective.

Nuclear Power Links

Nuclear Reactor Meltdown

Nuclear Reactors in Eastern Europe

Virtual Nuclear Tourist
This site has excellent diagrams.

American Solar Energy Society

Solar Electric Power

Solar Energy
Good diagrams.

Solar Heat

Solar Energy Links

Solar Cooking Archive


Wind Energy

American Wind Energy Association

Canadian Wind Atlas

Investigating Wind Energy

What is Wind?

Facts on Wind Energy

Wind Powering America An excellent resource with good diagrams. Be sure to look at the notes on the bottom right of the main page.

Wind Power Tour
Look here for the science of wind power.